Social Graces, Pete Wentz – Uninviting Don't Fly at Fashion Week

Imagine these little bloggers' surprise when they heard those in charge of the Pete Wentz Clandestine Industries show put up an ironclad rope, and then altogether shut out the media from after-party. But we had been invited with open arms!  But...there's a but. 

Had the Thread transcended everyone else? Oh no, we were unceremoniously uninvited, just like everybody else.  For shame!

What could be buzzing about behind these now-closed doors? We have no idea. When we unassumingly dropped a line to our hosts, who had been so keen on our presence at the party (not that we blame them...), we were set straight. Although we could still hold our places at the show, we were no longer welcome at the after-party. So the rumor goes, Papa Simpson (i.e. Pete Wentz's father-in-law) is trying to keep some Jessica reality show under wraps. Alas, we'll just have to wait and see.

Excuse the rant, we were only partially amused by the idea of Pete Wentz at fashion week and therefore thought, hey, why not? It's just bad manners, and we anticipate a fallout not worth our while. 

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