Sneak Peek: Timo Weiland Looks to Basquiat on the Beach

For spring, Timo Weiland and partner Alan Eckstein found inspiration in Basquiat's Hawaiian excursions.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein's upcoming show--the first-ever runway presentation from the brand--is one of the most buzzed-about events this fashion week. Eager for a peek at what's in store, we got a first-hand look at their collection inspiration.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Timo and design collaborator Donna Kang were busy prepping samples in the studio when we stopped by. "This season was all about Basquiat in Hawaii," Weiland told us. "With his friends from the city coming to visit him. So it taps into that kind of urban-goes-tropical energy." Here, one of their favorite shots of the artist. "Doesn't he look so sleek?," asks Kang.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Among the fabric swatches and assorted photos are a few rare snapshots of Basquiat's last girlfriend, Kelle Inman. "She was such a hipster, even in the 80's."
Catherine Blair Pfander
"Texture, as always, and lots of custom prints were important in this collection," says Timo. "We also experimented with some easier fabrics--more casual piece for day. The kinds of things girls wear to the beach." Here, a shot of always-inspiring Francoise Hardy, whose laid back allure translates to the collection's chic-beach aesthetic.
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