Sneak Peek: Sally LaPointe’s Spring Collection Takes Inspiration from Abandoned Hospital

The Runwick Ruins on Roosevelt Island provided the spooky inspiration for Sally LaPointe's "haunted" Spring 2012 collection.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Sally LaPointe -- one of The Thread's 10 "Ones to Watch" this Fashion Week -- earned cult-favorite status after a number of her edgy ensembles showed up on Lady Gaga. We popped by the designer's studio this week to sneak peek her forthcoming spring 2012 collection.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"This season I was inspired by the Runwick Ruins -- an old abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island," Sally told us. "It hasn't been occupied since 1950. I was intrigued by the idea of 'used to be' -- a haunted romanticism, a sense of time and age." Here, a view of the building's crumbling facade.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Arguably, no one is better suited than LaPointe to explore such spooky territory. To further her concept, LaPointe developed two unusual digital prints inspired by decaying walls and dying flowers. Here, photo inspiration for her pink-and-gray "decaying wall" textile.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"I wanted everything to look as if there were a coating of powder over it, so we used really washed out colors like pale peach and mint green," says LaPointe. "I always gravitate towards hard lines and really architectural shapes, but I wanted to give the collection a sense of softness, so we combined tough materials like leather and neoprene with chiffon, silk, and tulle."
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