Simon Spurr Puts a Modern Spin on “The Distinguished Gentleman” for Fall

With Joe Jonas and Kellan Lutz in the front row, the designer showed a collection packed with bold updates on elegant suiting inspired by Robert Frank photographs.

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A runway look at Simon Spurr's Fall 2012 show.
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In a collection titled "The Distinguished Gentleman," the designer was inspired by Robert Frank's photographs of men in London, as well as bold updates on classic, elegant suiting.
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The core of the collection, as usual, rested on Spurr's exquisite sense of tailoring, which made him one of the most in-demand designers for Hollywood's young gentleman stars.
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Spurr's front row as packed with young male stars like Joe Jonas, Kellan Lutz, and "The Walking Dead"'s Norman Reedus.
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Other looks had a more off-duty, jet-set flavor, like this brown suit paired with a caramel satchel.
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The collection featured a mix of both main line pieces and the designer's slightly more affordable collection, Spurr. "Spurr's really been folded into the Simon Spurr brand to create a more focused image," the designer told us backstage. "We've kept the price points and we've kept the casualness of Spurr within, so it's just like an alternative wearing occasion within the brand."
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The designer's inspirations ranged from '60s looks that referenced the movie "Bullitt" to images from Robert Frank's book "London/Wales," which the designer said was always on his book shelf.
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"It was about this chic, noticeable man who was still refined," said Spurr. "[He is] operating within the sartorial world of traditionalism, but without being traditional."
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Here, and updated take on the double-breasted jacket is paired with a buttoned-up white shirt and a knit cap.
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Some of the looks featured interesting fabrications: This jacket, for example boasts sleeves made out of croc. "Just one piece," said Spurr backstage. "I'm still a small brand, I don't want to blow my budget."
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Here, a suit jacket is mixed with a pair of leather trousers.
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A pitch-perfect captain's pea coat on the Simon Spurr runway.
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"There are a lot of nuances like mixes of fabrics," said Spurr. Here, a splash of patent on a coat.
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One of the collection's more show-stopping looks: a deep blue suit rendered in a graphic update on a traditional houndstooth pattern.
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