Shaun White for Target Hits Stores Next Week

The world's collective crush on Shaun White has reached fever pitch following the snowboarder's gold medal win and McTwisty victory lap in Vancouver last week, and the wonderboy isn't stopping there.  His spring collection of Shaun White 4 Target drops March 4. 

He's a scrappy Michael Jordan on the half-pipe, not to mention a total pleasure to watch on his media blitz because, well, he's actually pretty charming and interesting.  Plus, it turns out the boys' and young men's clothing in his Target collection come ripe with hidden gems for the ladies to steal and make their own.  He would probably hate us for saying so, but the graphic and striped tee would looks pretty cute styled right on us, while the plaid button-downs are pretty much a wardrobe staple for any hipster-chic chick.

Don't worry, Shaun: Spotting the girly spins on your clothing won't diminish your cred -- you've probably got enough to spare.

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