Shaun White Apparel for Target: Girls Approved

shaun jesse white for target
The Thread

We caught up with Olympic snowboarder Shaun White and his brother, Jesse White, at a fete for the Shaun White Apparel for Target dropping in August (the first shoe collection hits mid-July).  The duo related that, while they're eager to see guys wearing the duds, girls wearing the clothes is really the moment the line's a success.

"That's my favorite when girls wear the clothes because, you know, we make it for boys, so when boys wear it, it's like the obvious thing.  But I have friends, or I see girls on the street wearing a plaid shirt and I'm like, 'nice! you're in my shirt.'"

Indeed, the smaller scale on nicely worn plaid shirts, oddball graphic tees and a pretty perfect army-ish anorak make certain pieces ripe for the picking. Plus, the Whites introduced shoes to the mix this collection, something we'll have to test for the female set by some trial and error, but they looked rad for the boys, at least.

White sees the girl power in his clothes as an asset: "Girls are obviously the ones with the fashion sense, and if they dig your stuff, it's kind of like our test.  You know you made a good pattern if girls want to wear it.  It makes you feel like you're definitely on the right track."

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