Senate Passes Bill Requiring The Labeling Of All Fur Products

The enormous influx of all-things-furry is impossible to ignore this season, when every coat has a shearling lining and every scarf a dollop of fox fur trim. Whether it's real or faux, there's no denying that fur is de rigeur this December. But how to know for certain which one you're buying?

The ubiquitous trend even penetrated the Senate, which just passed a bill that will help clairfy whether the hood on your new parka is lined with real raccoon. The new bill, now waiting for the President's signature, would require companies to label fur products when the value of the fur is less than $150.

It is estimated that around 13% of all fur products sold in the United States are unlabeled, which makes shopping difficult for consumers who would prefer to avoid fur apparel. Michael Markarian, chief operating officer of the Humane Society, tells WWD: “many consumers prefer to avoid buying and wearing animal fur, and everyone deserves to have accurate information to make informed purchasing choices."

Whether you choose to avoid fur or not, we think it would certainly be nice not to wonder what we're buying.

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