Rumors: Thierry Mugler Courting Gareth Pugh?

Revived French fashion house and 80s-era relic Thierry Mugler is said to be eying a comeback in the hands of British designer Gareth Pugh

Both design with a note of fantasy and out-of-this-world performance standards, so it seems as though Mugler and Pugh would be a good match. Mugler's had quite an interesting history: After rising to serious popularity with his inventive design (most especially his stage costumes) in the '90s, Mugler's label went under and he took to calling himself Manfred and gave himself a body builder-type makeover.Rosemary Rodriguez began as creative director under the label in 2008, but snagging Pugh would give the brand a serious boost of energy, indeed. WWD reports that insiders have been talking about the possible partnership, though the report also made clear that Rodriguez is still under contract.

Meanwhile Mugler has been making his way back to the contemporary vernacular with a special collection for Beyonce's next world tour. (Apparently, she fell in love with the idea when her mother beheld Mugler's motorcycle bustier -- complete with handlebars -- at the Met's "Superheroes" exhibit). 

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