Rumor: Alexander Wang Won't Do Winter Sample Sale

We're hoping this one's a rumor, but we're afraid it's actually true: Word is that the Alexander Wang Gilt Groupe sale that kicked off yesterday will replace the designer's much-anticipated bi-annual sample sale.

It's true, we were tempted to buy some goods at yesterday's Gilt sale (which ends at midnight, 1/27), but then we thought -- we should wait for the brick-and-mortar sale to try some of this stuff on. So news that the now mostly-sold-out sale might be it for Alexander Wang's discounted wares is bound to cause a citywide conniption. Having in the past held bi-annual sample sales each summer and winter, the designer's office could not confirm to The Cut that this season's would ever come. (And, it's true, we got a little teary.) 

Gilt is great -- we'd be lying if we said we didn't adore it -- and we know that it likely offers a much better set-up for designers rather than manning a physical sale, but prices aren't as low and there's no thrill of the hunt involved (or, ahem, trying things on).  Sample sale victories make us who we are and have defined our New York existence for years, and we're not sure how we'll handle phasing them out for their virtual future-cousins. With Wang probably going that very route this season, expect other designers to follow suit and go exclusive with various online counterparts. 

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