Romance and the Red Light District at Thakoon for Fall

Amsterdam's Red Light District provided kinky, colorful fodder for Thakoon's Fall '12 collection.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Runway looks at Thakoon's Fall 2012 show.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The Hoerengracht -- Ed and Nancy Kienholz' life-size reproduction of a slice of Amsterdam's Red Light District -- served as racy inspiration for Thakoon's Fall '12 collection.
Catherine Blair Pfander
While the pink, red, and raspberry color palette felt Valentine-y indeed, Thakoon amped up the sexiness factor with touches of red leather and woven mesh as well as padded hips and bust lines.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Generally, pieces were bit simpler than Thakoon's recent collections (in particular the techni-color romp through 18th-century France he proposed for spring), like this clean black shift dress with a panel of peek-a-boo leather mesh at the bodice.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Silhouettes also took their cues from '60s-era Audrey Hepburn. This clean, sleeveless look was enlivened by a candy red stripe motif.
Catherine Blair Pfander
There were plenty of pieces that are destined to be big retail-performers come fall: hooded pea coats, for example, or a little tuxedo dress with hot magenta lining peeking out at the sleeves.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Conspicuously less crucial to the fall collection were the vibrant prints (okay, there was one speckled red pattern) and the easy, statement-making silk dresses that have made Thakoon a go-to for hip, professional women.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Instead, Thakoon relied heavily on super-saturated color, like this searingly pink halter dress.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Less convincing were the skirt suits, which -- despite the bold pink treatment -- felt a bit frumpy, with ruffle details and awkwardly flared hemlines.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We found the concept most successful when there was a pattern or embellishment involved. These slouchy orange trousers were finished with silver paisleys (which helped elevate them from the pajama dressing trend we've seen so much of recently).
Catherine Blair pfander
The sole print in the collection was rendered on a cinched-waist sleeveless dress, and featured a combination of anatomical and "Hallmark" hearts (too bad we can't scoop one up before Valentine's).
Catherine Blair Pfander
If this winter's colored outerwear trend holds through til the fall, then these wide-lapel wool numbers in red and pink will be safe bets come September.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A hand-full of darker, inky looks like this deep purple knit and leather skirt combo gave the collection some needed contrast.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Another fuzzy Mongolian lamb look in hot pink.
Catherine Blair Pfander
While perhaps a bit incongruous with the rest of the collection, the handful of sleek tuxedo looks -- here shown in a backless halter jumpsuit -- struck a perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated.
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