Ridiculously Late Start at Richie Rich May Have Been Pam Anderson’s Fault

Getty Images

Richie Rich's show for A*Muse started an hour and fifteen minutes late on Wednesday night, and needless to say, editors and attendants alike were not amused. Rumor has it, however, the delay was due to its headliner: Pamela Anderson.

Racked was on-hand to report that the front row (which featured highlights such as "Diddy's mom and Eddie Murphy's ex-wife") were pretty "restless" by the time the show actually took place at 10:15PM, claiming that it was, in fact, because the star headliner of the evening -- Ms. Pamela Anderson -- had only just arrived.

The Cut went one step further, claiming they'd heard Pam was late because she "wouldn't leave her hotel until Richie came to pick her up personally." Needless to say, Richie Rich's reputation for over-the-top antics and wild celebrity appearances, but this might deter some folks from turning up with such enthusiasm next season.

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