Rick Owens Makes Rare NYC Trip to Present Furniture Exhibit

rarely makes trip stateside, but he made one this week to ready his furniture exhibition, "Pavane for a Dead Princess" opening June 25, discussing Mae West, Kelly Cutrone and the dark side of alabaster to WWD in the process.

The exhibition marks Owens' first for his furniture work in New York -- he also designs Cubist chairs with antlers -- and depicts in loose translation his own sleeping quarters.  Constructed entirely of alabaster, the massive day bed hearkens the romance of relaxation, which was inspired both by Owens' predilection for napping and something Mae West once said: "A real lady ... never sits when she can recline."

Produced by Rudy Weissenberg and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, the piece will show at Studio 94, just as Owens' name starts to hit a new height in terms of popularity, thanks to a mention on infamous fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's reality show, "Kell on Earth." According to Owens, he's now recognized more frequently, leading him to reflect on the changes in his developing career: "I usually consider myself pretty obscure ... Maybe I'm not so obscure anymore."

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