Richie Rich’s New Line: Tabloid Hero

Getty Images

In a fitting turn, the news that Heatherette designer Richie Rich will be launching his own line called Tabloid Hero was reported not in Women's Wear Daily, but in Page Six. As ever, Rich's muse will be the voluptuous (and often tardy) Pamela Anderson.

The collection will undoubtedly be typically flamboyant, in classic Richie Rich style, and the designer also made sure to mention that Tabloid Hero already has its fans.  In addition to Anderson, Fergie is apparently chomping at the bit to wear the duds, and Kim Kardashian will help Rich with the brand's first infomercial (that's right, it'll have its own informercial). Apparently, designing her own line for Bebe doesn't put her in competition with Rich's latest venture at all.   

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