Reports: C. Wonder's Chris Burch Forced To Step Down as Co-Chair of Tory Burch

Ever since Chris Burch debuted a new lifestyle brand, C. Wonder, there have been reports of discord between Burch and his ex-wife, designer Tory Burch, over alleged similarities between her brand and his. Add to those complications the wrinkle that Mr. Burch remains the co-chair of Tory Burch's company, and is also still an investor.

As C. Wonder is on the brink of some major expansions -- ahem, a massive new flagship at Columbus Circle -- it seems Tory Burch has made a move. According to Page Six, Chris Burch was ousted as co-chair last week. A source apparently told the daily that Tory Burch is now working with her ex-husband to clear up any perceived similarities between her brand and his, saying: "'She is asking him to change his concept, which includes C. Wonder’s product, the design and the boutique.'"

A separate source confirmed news of Chris Burch's departure from the board to New York Magazine, and from the sounds of Page Six's report, Tory Burch is not eager to pursue the matter into the courtroom. Here's hoping both sides will find a resolution that makes both parties happy.

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