Reel Style: Swashbuckling Looks Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean

Top designers borrowed Pirates' swashbuckling style for their latest collections, with plenty of floppy brim caps and knee-high leather boots.

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Out this Friday, the fourth installation of the wildly successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" series will be less one pouty-lipped Keira Knightly, but plus a smoldering Penelope Cruz, who plays a fearsome she-pirate. Captain Jack, of course, continues to sport his peculiar blend of roughed-up 19th century attire with islander accents, including bangles and beaded necklaces.
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Cruz' character, Angelica, accompanies Jack on his mission to find the "Fountain of Youth." Unlike the ladylike leads before her, Angelica dresses like one of the swashbuckling crew-members, complete with a signature hat and studded leather vest.
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Throughout his tenure at Dior, John Galliano often looked to pirate lore for inspiration, and his final season was no exception. A floppy-brim velvet cap, black leather boots and sweeping silk coat call to mind Jack's more flamboyant ensembles -- all with a bit of "Three Musketeers" thrown in.
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Another swashbuckling look from Galliano's final collection for Dior, featuring cropped culottes and a button-down waistcoat.
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Pirates and punk rockers are often cross-referenced on the runway, including Jean Paul Gaultier's exuberant spring couture showing, which paired colonial frocks with white silk cravates and spiky pink mohawks.
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Karl Lagerfeld tapped into a similar energy at Chanel, layering frilly Victorian collars beneath tough-looking motorcycle jackets.
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Hermes' spring collection borrowed heavily from traditional Spanish dress, but we think there's something rather "yar, matey" about those shiny black boots and jaunty felt cap.
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Nothing lends a touch of malice and mystique to a pirate's ensemble like a wide-brimmed cap pulled down over one eye. Alber Elbaz borrowed the look for his fall 2011 collection, with crumbled black caps and heavy leather boots.
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We also think Jack Sparrow would enthusiastically approve of the heaps of bangles and beaded necklaces that appeared on Suno's spring runway.
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