Recap: Lost-and-Found Chic and a “Cringe-Inducing” Safari Outfit

Signed scooter
Sonya Yruel Photography/Make-A-Wish Foundation

Last night's episode of "The Fashion Show" pitted the House of Nami and House of Emerald against each other in a "lost-and-found" challenge, with both teams asked to sift through the lost-and-found closet of a New Jersey train station and, from their salvaged scores, create "weekend escape" collections.

Jeffrey swapped from Nami to Emerald this week, which he found to be "much more creative" than his former house. Tensions were running high on both sides with the oh-so-sassy Calvin finishing hours before the rest of his team then complaining he was the only one able to finish the additional fifth look, while Cesar whipped together two swimsuits --vthe process for which he actually compared to "taking a dump" -- in bright, flourescent colors without consulting his fellow Nami designers. Alas, his less-than-stellar attitude was reflected in Iman's final assessment of his, and his team's, collection.

Unfortunately for everyone, none of the judges (including guest judges Chris Benz and Harper's Bazaar's Lauren Brown) were satisfied with the finished pieces, and choosing a winner became less about who was best than "choosing which house was worse," as Iman put it.  Dominique walked away the winner for House of Emerald with a cocktail dress made from a simple black umbrella, but David -- with whom Dominique shared a few amorous sparks over the course of this episode -- was sent home for his over-stylized safari ensemble, which Iman described as "cringe-inducing."

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