Ralph Lauren Designs New Uniforms for Wimbledon


Ralph Lauren has updated the uniforms for Wimbledon ball boys and girls for the first time since he signed on as official outfitter of the tournament in 2006.

The ball boys and girls for this year's event, which kicks off June 20 and runs through July 3, will be wearing navy blue polo shirts with an oversized Ralph Lauren pony logo in white, and diagonal stripes in Wimbledon's official colors, purple and green. Girls will wear matching navy tennis skirts, while boys will wear shorts. Previously, the uniforms comprised a plain navy polo with the logo.

David Lauren, Ralph's son and executive vice president of communications for the brand, made the following statement to the Telegraph:

"Wimbledon is a premier sporting event and we are honoured to be a part of such a long-standing tradition in the history of tennis."

Fans of the look can shop each of the pieces at Ralph Lauren stores and online.

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