Rainy Day Beauty Solutions

Blades Natural Beauty/FACE Stockholm

If you're like us, a stormy weather forecast can throw your entire beauty routine into upheaval. From runny mascara to shiny skin, it seems nothing ever works during a downpour.  Here, top New York beauty artists share their favorite tricks for "water-proofing" your makeup bag.

Coping With Shiny Skin:

"Blotting tissues are amazing! Once your makeup is applied, the humid weather will make you shine more, so blot off that shine and oil." -- Jessa Blades, Natural Makeup Artist

"Skip the liquid makeup on a rainy day. The water-based product is too compatible with precipitation and will disappear. A thicker, creamier product is better in this case. Something like our Picture Perfect is your best bet. Gently press a tissue on any raindrops that may accumulate." -- Helen Andersson, founder of FACE Stockholm

"Never leave home without your umbrella and MAC Cosmetics Prep + Primed Skin Refined Zone. This amazing little tube can be used under your foundation as a primer ... but it can also be used to touch up that annoying mid-day shine. Just apply a very small amount (the size of a pin head) to your finger tips and apply to those pesky shiny spots. It will rejuvenate and re-set your makeup in a pinch." -- Chantel Miller for MAC Cosmetics

"Use an oil-free moisturizer like Swedish Solution underneath a light layer of Matte Foundation topped with a translucent powder ... Keep it simple and clean with a touch of peach Shamballa Blush right on the apples of your cheeks." -- Lauren Conklin for FACE Stockholm

Runny Eye Makeup:

"Rainy day makeup challenges can be especially troublesome when your eye makeup is exposed to the weather. Remember, if you can, don't even touch it and let the water dry on its own. If you need to wipe away the water, it is critical that you blot with a tissue -- do not rub! When you rub the eye area dry, you simply scrub off all of your hard work." -- Chantel Miller for MAC Cosmetics

"Skip eye shadow if it’s really rainy. Try using our Gel Liner or Precision Liner on its own -- both are water resistant and will remain beautiful through the stormiest of days." -- Helen Andersson, founder of FACE Stockholm

Drippy Mascara:

"Apply your mascara in the morning as usual and then finish with a thin layer of your favorite waterproof mascara. The thin layer of waterproofing will be all you need for the day to give extra protection. Try to avoid fibre mascaras on rainy day as these formulas are usually not waterproof and a little rain can wash the fibres into your eye, causing irritation and a complete re-do.'" -- Chantel Miller for MAC Cosmetics

"Waterproof mascara is helpful, but if you want to use regular mascara, make sure that is isn't too old! Older mascara flakes more and doesn't last as long." -- Jessa Blades, Natural Makeup Artist

Smeared Lipstick:

"Glosses can be a bit messy in the rain or hot sun. Try a lip stain -- they will last longer through the elements and won't run down your face!" -- Jessa Blades, Natural Makeup Artist

"A matte lipstick will stay in place thanks to its dryer formula. Again, here same concept to drying off applies – blot don’t wipe!" - Helen Andersson, founder of FACE Stockholm

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