Rad Hourani Spring 2011: A Futuristic Glance at Vintage NYC

Waiting for Rad Hourani's show to start, watching all the cold-as-ice beautiful people mill about, it hit us: this is what we always thought New York was like, thus making the black leather-heavy spring collection a classic of sorts.

Perhaps the greatest divergence from the norm was the prevalence of white this go-around. One set of tops for boys and girls was plainly tailored in a reverse-fit that almost evoked a peasant blouse. The other broadcloth piece popping out from the Rad Hourani black that caught our eye was a funnel-neck side-zip pinafore with a dreamy kangaroo front pocket. Heather gray jersey also worked its way into the group, on a layered, color-blocked slouchy jacket—another strong point that proves Hourani's talent extends beyond his basic black, he just uses it very selectively.

Otherwise, the requisite man-heels, draped-lapel jackets and leather pants—some mixed with denim—were in abundance. This season they came accessorized with square, solid-pigment sunglasses, which actually had members of the impossibly hip audience oohing and ahhing.

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