Rad by Rad Hourani: Backwards and Layered on a Signature Unisex Season

Hourani's Fall 2011 collection is everything the label does best --androgynous, conceptual, futuristic -- with an injection of richness this time.

It's as if Rad by Rad Hourani presents a conceptual world eons from now in which the banal distinctions of gender and embellisment have melted away to leave the clean, colorless sculpture of the label's garments.

However, with fall 2011 comes a hint of the world as we know it that has been: Charcoal gray fleece lends a sign of the reality of winter days in pieced-together luxurious layers arranged on top of one another in backwards-facing, architectural blossoms.

Amidst these punctuations of almost cozy appeal were Rad signatures, including black tights, leather and square-bodice skeletons for male-female-hybrid tunics, coats, tops and pants. Styling, of course, was all icy slick.

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