Rumor: Rachel Zoe Went Bananas on Former Assistant


oRumors are swirling that Rachel Zoe took a ballistic turn when her former assistant, Taylor Jacobsen, told her she was quitting to go out on her own.  Allegedly, blacklisting frenzy ensued, and things got ugly.

According to Fashion Week Daily's source, the story goes that after Taylor gave her notice, the claws came out and Zoe got on the horn to everyone from major houses to Jacobson's own hair stylist to limit her prospects. Overall, the move seems awfully 1990s soap opera-esque, and we're sure that Jacobson has some high On the one hand, it's not exactly hard to imagine such rumors are a stretch, given the unfortunately catty and competitive world of fashion, and considering Zoe can take things quite personally (those who've watched The Rachel Zoe project are familiar with her spazz attacks). On the other hand, we're willing to give Zoe the benefit of the doubt, especially since -- as the source points out -- "Taylor did about 85% of the work in the company."

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