Rachel Comey Fall 2010: Leather Socks and ’70s Cool

Rachel Comey continued the live music trend as Hex Message jammed while her clothing paraded out. Overall, the collection had editors buzzing, in heated discussion over how half of the pieces were a-MAH-azing and the other half would require some serious thinking to pull off correctly. Luckily, we have until the fall to figure it all out!

Comey's easy, pretty staples included little slip dresses with lace detailing on the back and sweet blouse/cardigan combos. There were also dirndl skirts that moved really beautifully and nicely fit the overall laidback, '70s vibe. The more wild care, puzzling elements included 3/4 length, sheer trousers and, by all accounts, leather, yes, that's right leather socks. Bravo for coming up with a way to make make black leather new again, but how exactly would those work out after a long day at the office? Should we be stocking up on talcum powder? Thankfully, fashion's not solely about practicality, a lesson hit home especially hard by today's biggest story. There's that fun dash of playfulness or theatricality thrown in too. In  the end, Comey struck a masterful balance between what you could cooly wear on the street even now and what, perhaps, is best left only to the runway. Though we haven't given up hope on leather socks just yet!

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