QVC's Fashion Show Sounds Less and Less Like a Fashion Show

When we heard that QVC was going to present a runway show during fashion week with its newly-minted collaborators (Rachel Zoe, Thuy, Erin Fetherston), we were both irked and intrigued. (Hey, remember: Snuggie had a runway show last year, so fashion week's been opening up to more and more outlets!) However, it's sounds more like a TV show taping than a runway show.

The Cut yesterday received an e-mail from the organizers that they published in part, which essentially conveys the message there will be no front row seating at the show. In fact, the "prime" seats they suggest are those that allow you to "go in and out of the show at your leisure." Why wouldn't they want a front row? Well, it turns out the "fashion show" is a live TV broadcast "without commercials," which likely means it's going to be an hour-long production with, we'd bet, some host chatter and QVC interruptions.

But then again, even the Victoria's Secret fashion show had a front row! Jay-Z was on it! We'd have to agree that QVC is sacrificing some of its fashion week cred by having a cocktail party of a fashion show, instead of attracting the A-listers with the promise of a front row seat. It's true, you might never get Anna, but there are plenty of wandering celebrities during fashion week always in search of front row treatment.

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