Purse Purge: Vintage Buyer Carries Tide Sticks, Printed Scarves

If you aren't fortunate enough to live within a few blocks of a killer thrift store, you'll want to familiarize yourself immediately with Bryn Lander's online vintage mecca  The American Vernacular, which stocks a chic supply of cool retro finds sourced from all over the country.

When we heard Miss Lander was recently back from a buying excursion, we knew her handbag would be stuffed with extra-cool gear. With an Egyptian necklace and a funky printed scarf, we were anything but disappointed.

1. Vintage Scarf: "Now that the weather is turning, I like to carry a bright printed silk scarf with me, and this one is my favorite. It's great to tie around a purse strap, wear as a belt or wrap around my hair on an extra humid day."

2. iPad: "I got an iPad for my birthday last month and have really started to rely on it day-to-day. My boyfriend runs Kill Screen -- a video game, arts, and culture company that produces a quarterly magazine -- and is always downloading fun little games for me like this one called Fingle."

3. Egyptian Cartouche: "My mom went to Egypt last year and brought me back this cartouche necklace that spells out my name and is supposed to be a good luck charm, so I always carry it with me."

4. Vintage Jewelry: "I like to keep some jewelry options with me to dress up whatever I'm wearing when I don't have time to go home and change at the end of the day. I often borrow pieces from the American Vernacular like these Ralph Lauren sterling silver pearl studs, 1920's vermeil necklace by Napier and Victorian-era cloisonne pendant necklace."

5. Tide Pen: "I'm a bit clumsy and spill-prone so I always have at least one Tide pen floating around my purse. It gets most spots out of my clothes and save me a ton on dry cleaning."

6. Neutrogena Products: "Neutrogena makes great makeup products that are affordable and ideal for sensitive skin like mine. I use their tinted moisturizer and berry lip balm every day -- both have SPF and never make my skin break out, even during the summer."

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