Purse Purge: Blogger Tiffany Gong Carries Outdoor Yoga Essentials and Mints

Tiffany Gong of New York style blog, Six Six Sick, is an authority when it comes to talented new designers and easy, DIY wardrobe projects. With a recent foray into jewelry design with a collection of edgy baubles, Triskaidekaphobia, Gong has graduated from fashion observer to capable designer in her own right. 

Juggling so many different projects, we weren't surprised to learn that Gong depends on outdoor yoga sessions to burn off steam. She keeps her satchel packed with all the essentials (wallet, keys, library card), plus a few stylish athletic accessories. One never knows, after all, when the mood for a Pigeon Pose or Wheelbarrow might strike.

1. Wallet: "A Commes Des Garcons wallet that I got at their sample sale!"

2. Keys: "My house keys, which have my library card, Duane Reade card, and bottle opener all attached!"

3. iPhone 4: "My lifeline! I don't know what I would do without it. Probably be bored all the time."

4. Notebook: "My 'Field Notes' notebook which recently got soaked in the rain, and a pen.

5. Mints: "Mints for between meals, and when I don't have time (i.e. am too lazy) to brush my teeth.

6. Sunglasses: "Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses, which I always carry in their case since I have a really bad tendency of sitting on my glasses and crushing them."

7. Yoga Mat: "I always bring my own yoga mat 'cause I'm a total germaphobe and I get freaked out about all the sweat and body germs on the common yoga mats."

8. Crop Top: "Since it's summer, I've been trying to do as much outdoor yoga as possible. This Bloqwear cropped top has built in UPF 50, which is perfect for blocking out the sun without having to slather yourself in slippery sunscreen."

9. Shorts: "I loathe biker shorts, but I needed them for working out. Even though they probably weren't made for exercising in, these printed Ostwald Helgason x ASOS bike shorts are the only ones that I found acceptable."

10. Disinfecting Spray: "EO travel disinfecting spray for after yoga, and also just to counter all the gritty New York summer grossness floating around."

11. Bobble: "I try to avoid drinking bottled water, so I always carry around my Bobble, which has a built in water filter."

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