Purse Purge: Tibi Designer Carries a Duct-Tape IPhone Case, Balenciaga Perfume

We loved the fresh, clean silhouettes that Tibi designer Amy Smilovic proposed in her spring collection, so we weren't surprised to find that her handbag essentials were similarly tidy and chic.

That's not to say, of course, that we didn't find a few quirky personal artifacts, like a hot pink duct-tape iPhone case (D.I.Y. enthusiasts, take note) or a stash of Smilovic's favorite Pilot pens.

1. iPhone: "With a homemade duct-tape case by my two sons."

2. Pilot Pens: "I live and die by these pens. My favorite for sketching."

3. Balenciaga Graphic Black and White Clutch

4. Pouch: "Personalized zip clutch from Goyard."

5. Beauty Essentials: "Bobbi Brown lip balm and blush in pale pink, Sephora foundation brush, and Balenciaga L'Essence perfume sample."

6. Celine Shades

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