Purse Purge: Rory Beca Carries Radiohead, French Vocab Cards

Ladies with a penchant fpr flirty summer dresses and cheeky printed rompers know that LA-based designer Rory Beca is an authority on sweet-yet-chic dressing. 
With her collection stocked around the globe and a massive celebrity following, Beca is busier than ever. In spite of the hustle, however, we were pleased to see that she's still keeping it California cool, carrying Radiohead tunes and low-maintenance beauty essentials in her funky boho bag.
1. Shopping Bag: "This is a bag that my husband bought me from Tortoise General Store in Venice. There is nothing in that store that I don't love. It's a Japanese bag that has no label, so I'm not sure who makes it. I use it on the days I go to the Santa Monica farmer's market because it is great to also throw my produce in."
2. Radiohead: "I brought this CD to work today. I always have music playing in the office."
3. Notecards: "I am learning French and my tutor gave me these notecards to practice with. If I have a few minutes free I take them out to practice."
4. iPod: "I am always listening to music. It sets the mood for my collections and is always inspiring me."
5. Comme des Garcons wallet: "I love their wallets. They last so long. I just replaced a black one that I had been using for the last four years with this one because I love the blue color."
6. iPhone: "I always keep my cell phone nearby, even though everyone makes fun of me for never having it charged. I keep it in a Rory Beca iPhone case that I designed for PowerSupport using one of my prints."
7. Mosley Tribes Sunglasses: "These are my summer aviators. I like how 'beachy' they look."
8. Leica Camera: "I have this in my bag because I just got back from a friend's wedding in Santa Barbara. I love taking pictures."
9. Aryn K pouch: "Our showroom carries this line and I keep all of my cosmetics in it so I don't have to dig around my bag."
10. Beauty Essentials: "Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge #104 is the best lipstick color because it looks good on everyone. Both my mom and sister ran out and bought it after they tried it on. I also rely on Smith's Rosebud Salve, which is a go-to product for me. I think I have been using it since high school. For summer, I'm loving Essie's 'One of a Kid' nail polish. I like the pop of orange color. I also love all the Kiehl's products, and their 'New York Nude' is a great gloss to wear along or mix with others."
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