Purse Purge: Morgan Carper Stashes Emergen-C, “Pure” Bars

Morgan Carper

Brooklyn-based designer Morgan Carper is one of our favorite new talents of the year, whipping up easy, feminine designs perfectly suited to work or play. Carper spilled her Rachel Nasvik bag for "Purse Purge," and in so doing revealed her penchant for organic snacks, Dr. Haruschka lip balm and (our favorite) souvenir seashells. 

1. iPhone and Headphones: “These are essential to my survival. Living in the city, I am en route somewhere all the time, whether on foot or subway ... I love creating my own personal soundtrack day to day. The camera is pretty amazing too.” 
2. Leather wallet: “This wallet was my father's. He bought in Italy 25 years ago and it has been through a lot! It was stolen out of my bag on the subway the first year I lived in New York and someone found it sitting on top of a trash can and called me! It's more valuable than any amount of cash I could carry in it, for sentimental reasons. And it holds everything!”
3. Pure bar:  “Perfect for days when I'm running around too busy to stop and actually eat something. They're delicious with only a few simple ingredients.”
4. Samdisk Thumb-Drive: "You never know when you'll need to upload files, photos or music."
5. Advil: "A headache can ruin your day if you're not prepared."
6. Emergen-C: "On hand for any time I need a Vitamin B surge."
7. Beauty Essentials: “Nars is my go-to makeup brand, and this color, 'Love Devotion,' is perfect for my skin tone. Dr. Haruschka's lip care stick is the best beauty product I own -- hands down.”
8. Moleskine Notebook:  “I've been carrying these for years and have quite a library of thoughts and sketches. I couldn't do my job without it.”
9. Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip: “The best marker in the world."
10. Precise V5 + Papermate Sharpwriter: "You never know when an idea will hit, so it's always good practice to have a pen and pencil handy."
11. Seashell:  “I always carry a rock or a seashell in my purse for good luck. This one is from Halong Bay in Vietnam.”
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