Purse Purge: Lela Rose Stashes a Makeshift Dog Leash, Jo Malone Scents

Lela Rose
Designer Lela Rose's classic, ultra-feminine collections may look like something from a fairytale, but there's nothing impractical about the contents of her hand bag, from the stash of headache-busting Excedrin to her home-made dog leash (fashioned from a bit of parachute cord).
1. Extra Strength Excedrin: "I carry Excedrin with me everywhere as I always get headaches and just nibble a bit when I do."
2. Bag of Raw Almonds: "Perfect to much on when you take an Excedrin! Or as a light snack."
3. Burberry Flats: "I keep flats in my bag (or bike) if my heels are a little too much."
4. Smith's Minted Rose-Flavored Lip Balm: "My lips always feel dry and this is a great moisturizing lip balm."

5. Handkerchief: "I love the color of this and you never know when a handkerchief will be needed."
6. Make-shift Dog Leash: "This is parachute cord that I keep around to use as a leash for Stitch or to tie something to my bike."
7. Colored Pencils: I carry around a sketch pad and pencils as inspiration can strike anywhere."

8. Moleskin Sketchbook
9. Bulb-Dotted Necklace from the Spring 2012 Collection: This is from the Spring 2012 collection and one of my faves. I sometimes take my necklaces off when trying on clothes and I will find many of them in my purse."
10. My daughter Rosey's hair clip: "I put a flower clip in her hair most every day but she often pulls it out when I am not looking and stashes them in my purse."
11. Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses: "I love ivory and love these frames!"
12. iPhone: "How did we ever get by without this?"
13. Beauty Essentials: "Stila Convertible color blush for when pinching your cheeks just won't do. 
I love how light Stila's watermelon lip glaze is, and it's just a touch of color. I also love Jo Malone scents--they're subtle, yet beautiful."
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