Purse Purge: Lauren Merkin Carries Doodle Pads, White Tic Tacs

Lauren Merkin

Maybe it's because they spend so many hours sketching fabulous new satchels, but we often find that handbag designers carry the coolest gear.

New York handbag designer Lauren Merkin -- who shared the contents of her gorgeous eggplant satchel -- was no exception. Known for her playful-yet-practical creations, Merkin's everyday essentials are both work-appropriate (heaps of fabric samples and a reusable shopping tote) and fun (doodle pads and neon pink blush). 

1. Current Read: "A Visit From The Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan.

2. Beauty Essentials:  "I am not sure I would ever look awake without Cle de Peau concealer to cover my dark circles. I also use Benefit's "Posie Tint." It looks fluorescent but provides the perfect natural flush to your cheeks. I prefer using inexpensive mascara so I can change it frequently, and CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion wears well and never smudges. For the lips, I never wear lipstick, so it's either Aquaphor or a tinted gloss when I want a little color."

3. Sunglasses: "Tom’s Classic 301 in Dusty Rose/Dusty Blue. The wood detail is so unique and I love knowing that someone will get the eyeglasses they need through Tom’s One for One concept."

4. Fabric Swatches: "New swatches for materials that just arrived at our factory for Spring 2012 samples."

5. Lauren Merkin Mini Wallet in Black Glitter Stingray: "We designed this mini wallet to use in our clutches but once I tested it out I was hooked on how streamlined it was!"

6. Mints: "I am rarely without white Tic Tacs."

7. Phone: "A Blackberry Tour with my favorite snap shot: a view from the Brooklyn promenade."

8. Doodle Pad and Pencil: "An 'Oh Joy' notebook for sketches, to-do lists, etc, and a pencil left over from a gift we did a while back. I prefer pencils even though barely anyone does."

9. Lauren Merkin Reusable Shopper: "I try to keep one in my bag so I can avoid plastic."

10. Lauren Merkin Marlow Satchel in Eggplant Bubble Lambskin: "Our new fall favorite. Love the size, the cross-body option and the color works with everything so I don’t have to change my bag often."

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