Purse Purge: Erin and Steph of “The Coveteur” Pack Snacks, Hairspray

Erin and Stephanie of "The Coveteur" may be used to peeking inside the closets of the style set, but we got to peek inside their handbags.

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Erin Kleinberg/Stephanie Mark
Style snoops rejoiced when Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark launched their website, The Coveteur, which showcases the uber-chic wardrobes of editors, It-girls and designers alike. These gals may be used to peeking inside the closets of the style set, but we got to peek inside their handbags.
Darren Scala
We weren't surprised to find that their terrific taste translated to their handbags. Both cited constant travel and appointments as explanations for their carefully-chosen essentials, and it seems the pair have made an art out of packing their purses.
Erin Kleinberg
Erin Kleinberg describes her bright Proenza satchel as a "neurotic extension of myself." 1. "For traveling purposes, Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss got me hooked on Elnett L'Oreal Hairspray since we're always out and about. 2. "For a pop of color, I love a Revlon lip stain, which is a Gucci Westman-endorsed product I can stand by. When you need a lift after a long day, a touch of color before dinner and drinks works likes magic!" 3. "Sharpies are a 'PS I Made This' essential, which I always carry with me because you never know when you're going to need to do a D.I.Y. project on the go." 4. Chanel Wallet. 5. Celine sunglasses.
Stephanie Mark
Though she admits her Celine tote was an impulse purchase, Stephanie Mark says the smart carryall has become one of her most treasured possessions. "Not only is it chic, it holds a lot, which is good when you travel as much as Erin and I do." 1. "I can't live without my Warby Parker sunnies. I love the style and the company itself." 2. "I am 100 percent addicted to my Rodin lip balm. It gives so much moisture." 3. "I'm a bit clumsy, so I always have Tylenol in my bag in case of accidents -- they are mostly high heel-related!" 4. "Spare contacts and snacks are essential for long flights and long days spent shooting." 5. "I also always keep a necklace with me in case I need a quick costume change." 6. "My YSL wallet and Smythson card and passport holders all keep me super organized."
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