Purse Purge: Elizabeth Thompson Totes Unicorn Cards, Wishbone Molds

Elizabeth Thompson of Elizabeth Knight Jewelry is one of our favorite talents to emerge from Brooklyn's indie designer scene. Dark and elegant, her pieces can transform any outfit into a high-fashion look.

The contents of her satchel, however, are less edgy than they are playful and quirky: a unicorn card for a friend, or a scrumptious Crunchie bar for mid-afternoon snack attacks. 

1. Finger Weaving & Indian Braiding: "This is what I do in my free time -- getting inspired for my next collection."

2. Field Notes: "Keeps track of my never ending list of lists. I am a list person."

3. Wish Bone Castings: "Just picked these up in the diamond district from Taba Casting."

4. Robot USB: "The holder of all important things."

5. C.B. I hate perfume, 'Soaked Earth': "This scent reminds me of the smell right before a rain storm."

6. Crunchie Bar: "I discovered this candy bar when I was 10 at Niagara Falls. I think they just started carrying it in the states. So so good."

7. Chanel Lip Gloss: "Helps me feel like a girl after a long day of getting dirty in the studio."

8. Glasses: "My eyes, from Fabulous Fannies."

9. Jewelry: "My favorite pieces from the Armor Collection."

10. Wallet by Marc By Marc: "This is the perfect wallet. It has a space for everything you need!"

11. Your Magical Unicorn Card: "For a good friend of mine moving out of town."

12. Scarf by Ace and Jig: "It's accessories like this that get me excited for fall. From Life Curated in Brooklyn, NY."

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