Purse Purge: Anna Sheffield Stashes Sandalwood Oil, Jewelry Back-Ups

Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield's tough, faintly punk-rock jewelry creations for her label, Bing Bang, can always be counted on to deliver a hint of "edge" to any ensemble. Her handbag contents, as it turns out, are similarly rock 'n' roll-inspired, from a studded black wallet to custom (and heart-embellished) rose gold headphones. 

1. Scarves: "Scarves are my year-round essential. This black and rainbow-stripe mini-serape is perfect for fall weather. It's small enough to go into my bag, and it looks cute tied around the handles as well."

2. Frank Chaydez Wallet: "My friend Frank Chaydez made this wallet with studs under the leather. I think it's the best thing every because it holds everything I need, and I can carry it as a clutch!"

3. Assorted Jewelry Essentials: "Probably needless to say, but I have a lot of jewelry in my life. I always carry jewelry in my handbag, mostly extra bangles and earrings. I wear the egg-shaped ones from my collection in a mix of rose and yellow gold and silver everyday. When I dash out of my apartment in the morning, I never know where I'll send up before the day is done. I like having a little extra bling with me, just in case."

4. Bright Lipstick: "I love bright colored lipstick and this fiery-orange one is my new favorite color. I'm also addicted lately to my fancy blue atomizer with sandalwood oil. This one is made by Intelligent Nutrients, which is a wonderful organic company, and i picked it up recently at ABC

5. WeSC + Bing Bang Headphones: "Newly-added essential, my WeSC + Bing Bang headphones! Living in Manhattan, I walk everywhere and I absolutely love music -- pretty much the best part of my day. Since they are rose gold, silver, and black, they feel like jewelry, which makes me happy too. 

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