Prom Season Style Inspired By our Favorite High School Flicks

Even if you've hung up your dancing shoes and flower-pressed your corsage, there's no reason prom veterans can't partake of the festive "spring fling" season.

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Even if you've already hung up your dancing shoes and flower-pressed your corsage, there's no reason prom veterans can't partake of the festive "spring fling" season. "Pretty in Pink" remains an ultimate source of 80's style inspiration (particularly during those all-day VH1 marathons), and it just so happens that spring runways were dappled in Molly Ringwald's signature hue.
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Our top "Pretty in Pink" prom look (circa 2011) would be this poufy pink confection from Christian Dior couture, which features a prominent 80's-esque bow at the waist. We also think Molly might have applauded the floral gold beading and white, glam-rock gloves.
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Of course, a more comfortable take on prom pink could be found on Christopher Kane's catwalk, which featured a series of neon pink cocktail dresses in semi-sheer lace.
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They may not have actually made it to prom, but the pre-dance bathroom fiasco in "There's Something About Mary" remains one of our all-time favorite prom scenes. Funnier still, Cameron Diaz' sky blue prom dress anticipated some of the color trends we've been seeing on the runway this season.
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The modern version of Diaz's thoroughly-90's Mary might have opted for one of these form fitting tank dresses by Prabal Gurung.
Olivia Newton John played a sweet-n-innocent Aussie opposite John Travolta in the 1978 version of "Grease." Her wardrobe was appropriately prude-ish, with heaps of white, lace, and dainty bow detailing.
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Sandy would have felt right at home in one of Chloe's simple, full-skirted sundresses in crisp white cotton for spring.
Kevin Bacon played a rock n' roll wild child from the wrong side of the tracks in the 1984 musical, "Footloose." An all-singing, all-dancing prom scene featured plenty of 80's eye-candy, including Ariel Moore's fluffy pink gown.
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A ruffled pink ball gown by Ralph Lauren is a perfect update to Ariel's ladylike 1980's prom look.
Certainly one of the more peculiar prom scenes in movie history is from "The Virgin Suicides," for which all of the mysterious Lisbon sisters donned nightgown-like sundresses accented with white rose corsages.
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A similarly flimsy cotton ensemble made an appearance on Rachel Comey's runway. All it needs is that pin-straight platinum hair.
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Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino relive their high school prom humiliation in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion." Their over-the-top outfits are undisputed fashion disasters, but we can't help but get a kick out of Lisa Kudrow in pale pink feathers.
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Truly, Romy and Michele's prom style is best not repeated, but we think the girls might have approved of Phillip Lim's shiny leather mini dress in cornflower blue.
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