Project Runway Goes Print Wild

Project Runway prints
Lifetime TV

Vivienne Tam joined the judges' panel on this week's Project Runway, helping to plug HP and critique the group's original patterns.

Spoiler Alert!

Emilio ended up winning this week, with a graffiti monogram print that seemed dubious at first, but culminated in a striking, 40s-era dress and jacket that looked smart and timeless.  Judges also loved Seth Aaron's inventive pop-art print on a trim jacket that he paired with a tie, and Maya's fiery red-orange print that ran along side panels on a body-con minidress.

That was the good.  Then, there was the not-so-good.

Mila, who's typically a favorite with her sophisticated talent and intriguing, mod-style taste, had her first flop this week.  She painted stripes and splashed them in a bias-cut along the skirt of a rigid maxi-dress that was impossible to walk in for the model.  Michael Kors was so averse to Jonathan's muted gray-dot pattern and reverse gold metallic jacket that things got quite heated on the runway.  Kors compared the dress to a tablecloth that had had a smattering of spills and deemed its topper a straightjacket.  Jonathan was not pleased and said as much to everyone's shock. 

In the end, however, the back-talk wasn't enough to get him booted and, somewhat surprisingly (but only somewhat), the flamboyant Anthony was sent home for a generic, sweetheart-neckline sheath and so-so purple print. And then, there were six.

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