Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci Fashion Installation

We stopped by Ralph Pucci's showroom to preview "Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci," a knockout showcase of paper-made fashions and sculptures by 20 very talented students.

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Melody Mendez
Paper may be thin, but there was nothing flimsy about last night's "Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci" presentation, which showcased all-paper designs from Pratt students in the fashion design, fine arts, industrial design, and interior design departments.
Office of Sen. Anthony Williams
Who knew you could create a couture-effect out of tiny paper rings and a little bit of glue? Over 50 students submitted work to the all-paper project, but only 20 of the best pieces were handpicked by Ralph Pucci, who designed the fabulous mannequins.
NBC 5 News
This unique creation features a long dragon-like tail and spiky paper spine.
NBC Bay Area chopper
Enormous paper orbs were floating throughout Pucci's glamorous 18th street showroom. We were reminded a little of mega-chic beehives.
Catherine Blair Pfander/Thread
We were shocked at how these thin strips of paper could look so much like softly draped silk.
Getty Images
Another view of the spectacular paper orbs.
Catherine Blair Pfander
This gorgeous gown was composed of teeny tiny paper rosettes. We could see some daring celeb (Gaga, perhaps?) rocking this to an award event.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The paper creations were awe-inspiring, but Pucci's mannequins were equally mesmerizing. On more than one occasion we apologized for bumping into one, thinking it was a real person.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
A gravity-defying cocktail dress was composed of thousands of little paper cutouts. Check the exhibit out in person starting tomorrow at 11am. 44 West 18th Street, 9th Floor.
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