Ports 1961 Is Launching Menswear

Offering equal dressing opportunities to both genders, designer Fiona Cibani will be launching menswear for Ports 1961. The line which will launch for Fall 2011 will make its debut at Milan's Fashion Week this spring, comprising close to 51 runway looks, including suiting, outwear, and a range of acessories such as leather satchels, gloves, and scarves.

Cibani tells WWD: "We want it to be the same caliber and have the same sophistication as our women’s collection. We are going to nurture it, and we want it to be equal in size to the women’s business." And when you have a good thing going, why change it? The men's line will feature similar characteristcs as its counterpart, with emphasis on tailoring for a streamlined modern structure, as well as the use of luxe fabrics. Unlike the women's collection which is mostly produced in China and Europe however, the men's collection will be made entirely made in Italy—which bodes well for those leather accessories.

The collections will also be sold separately at their respective standalone shops, with the first men's store possibly opening in as few as six months, WWD reports.

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