Polyvore Gets New Chief Exec from Google, J. Crew

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The Thread

Polyvore, the somewhat ambiguously defined fashion collage site has appointed as their new CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, J. Crew board member and former Google exec. 

Polyvore has seemed to grow exclusively by word of mouth, turning home bloggers and cubicle-dwellers into little fashion editors.  The site has earned enough chops to host design contests with houses as prestigious as Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry, and  now boasts 6 million unique visitors per day. 

Cassidy succeeds the site's founder, Pasha Sadri, who will remain with the company in a development capacity, and has anticipated possible vehicles of improvement that include expansion into additional genres such as interior design, mobile capabilities and improved user experience.  It's pretty remarkable the breadth and depth of images and information available through Polyvore, and we're constantly wondering, frankly, how they wrangle their inventory on a legal basis.

Anyhow, we feel justified in our somewhat adolescent tendecies toward creating collages now that they're beefing up the board with some big-time honchos -- should be interesting to see what comes of the new appointment.

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