Piers Morgan's Wife Wed in Sophie Cranston, Weighs in on Royal Wedding Gown Rumors

The big royal wedding gown reveal is just nine days away, but rather than just sit and wait to see what Kate Middleton picked, the media speculation is just growing more specific—and anonymous sources, it seems, coming ever closer—by the minute.

The latest name to be tossed into the ring is Sophie Cranston, who started her relatively unknown-until-now label, Libélula, in 1999. Celia Walden, who just married TV host Piers Morgan while wearing a Libélula dress, weighed in on the latest rumors, reported in the Daily Mail, that Middleton might even be working with Cranston to create her own wedding dress.

According to the Mail's "impeccably-placed" source, Middleton and Cranston have designed a dress inspired by Kate's Renaissance art history studies in Florence, that includes a "nod" to Diana's Emanuel confection.

Walden's piece for the Telegraph casts a vote in favor of Cranston for her light, laid-back-luxe gowns that seem to be right up Middleton's understated alley; as well as Middleton's public appearance at a friend's wedding in January, wearing a Cranston coat.

Of course, it's still anybody's guess, but now the girl who seems to have it all has officially managed to insert not only another obscure designer, but her own name into the roster of possibilities for who she'll wear.

UPDATE: Cranston has since denied that she's the designer of Middleton's wedding dress, issuing the following statement, according to the Telegraph: "For the purpose of clarification we are not designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress. We, like everyone else, can't wait to find out who is!'"

Needless to say, Sarah Burton's denials have not extinguished speculation that she'll be designing the dress, so we expect interest around Cranston to continue, but it certainly adds to the mystery of the identity of the wedding dress designer.

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