Photographer Spotlight: Zoey Grossman

Photographer Zoey Grossman isn't afraid of a little raunch. "I love sensuality, sexuality, darkness, and a bit of humor," she says. "I hope all of it comes across in my photos without being too vulgar -- although, sometimes a little vulgarity can be lovely."

Of course, what Grossman might call "vulgar" seems comparatively tame considering the overt sex appeal pushed in recent fashion editorials. Still, there's something undeniably alluring about Grossman's images.

"I like to aways explore different concepts of femininity and masculinity, whether it be in theme, visual aesthetic or even a color treatment," Grossman explains. "In my creative or personal work, I can always let my emotions or what I am going though be the underlying theme of the photo shoot, so a lot of it can be a bit moody."

When seeking a little artistic inspiration, Grossman says she looks to photography greats Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton as well as painter Gustav Klimt. "I love the sensuality of his paintings and the fact that they are so calm, yet so intricate and crazy at the same time," she explains. 

As for folks she's eager to get behind the lens, Grossman says Lil Wayne, Pearl Jam, Banksy and Stevie Nicks all rank high on her list.  "But to be honest, I would be ecstatic to photograph anyone I really admired or thought was really talented -- and that list is way too big to name!"

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