Photographer Spotlight: Jenny & Lee

Known simply as Jenny & Lee, the dynamic London-based photography duo first met at a Halloween party in 2004. "Jenny was dressed as Modesty Blaise and we got talking," Lee explains. "I was a Christmas tree."

Their surreal beginnings seem to have had a lasting impact on their images, which range from the charmingly bizarre (think artfully-arranged still lifes of rocks, napkins, etc) to the more conventionally pretty, as in lookbooks for Conemino and David David.

Yet we're always puzzled how two distinct authors can collaborate on a single photograph. "We begin with a very strong image in mind," says Jenny. "Our working practice is a process of attempting to realize this image. The development process is in some sense very restricted — we think it's about allowing some space for chance, but for us retaining direction within the process is crucial for realizing our original intention."

And "strong" is likely the best word to describe Jenny & Lee's broad body of work when words like "bright" and "colorful" don't adequately express their portfolio's unusual appeal.

So who are they dying to get behind the lens next? "Britney Spears would be interesting," says Jenny. "She seems to be a total product of her context and therefore so out of control in constructing her own life."

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