Photographer Spotlight: Jamie Isaia

Jamie Isaia

You wouldn't think of Silicon Valley as a hot-bed for fashion talent, but it has produced at least one remarkable fashion photographer in Jamie Isaia, who has since relocated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Isaia says she knew photography was her chosen field after taking her first photo class as a 15-year-old.

"I was in love with the process," she says. "I miss that about photography now. The process aspect of it is so different these days."

Even so, Isaia clearly has total command of her new production methods, and is best known for creating strong, mysterious images with ghostly or ethereal undertones. "I'm interested in creating imagery that allows you to escape from reality in some way and holds you in that space for a moment," she explains. 

Asked about some of the inspiration sources behind her work, Isaia explains that "rituals, traditions, symbols and history" have a strong influence. She also cites music -- "a huge one in terms of getting the visual juices going ... and the way the color of sunlight shifts from summer, to fall, to winter influences a lot of my ideas. Traveling via car or plane for some reason is inspiring -- maybe because I don't drive that often."

And speaking of travel, Isaia hopes to orchestrate an upcoming fashion shoot "in New Orleans and the Louisiana bayou," fitting backdrops both for Isaia's otherworldly imagery. 

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