Photographer Spotlight: Gia Coppola

As the niece of stylish director Sofia Coppola, Gia Coppola has been a favorite of party photographers and street style bloggers since high school, even starring in APC's Fall '08 campaign.

But like many of the talented folks in her family, it turns out Gia is pretty handy on the other side of the lens, too. An accomplished photographer and filmmaker, Gia has shot for Japanese Vogue as well as Opening Ceremony and Zac Posen.

Asked how she came to the photographic medium, Gia explains that there was no "specific moment" of revelation.

"It's just something I've always enjoyed," she says. "The camera was just like a fun toy growing up, my friends and I would take pictures of each other playing dress up."

One might expect, given her genes, that Gia's images would reflect the glitz and glamour of a young celeb-utante. Instead, her portfolio has a refreshingly subtle, even quiet sensibility -- as in a girl sipping Starbucks by an open refrigerator, or tiny toys arranged in a windowsill.

"I like taking pictures of my friends, and things I find funny or pretty," explains Gia. As to what she'd like to photograph next: "I don't know, maybe a toucan. I've never seen one in person."

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