Photographer Spotlight: Eric Guillemain

Eric Guillemain left Paris and a rock 'n' roll lifestyle to pursue a hidden talent for fashion photography.

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Eric Guillemain
Eric Guillemain
As lead singer of the French rock band, Venice, Eric Guillemain first came to New York from his native Paris thinking he'd pursue his musical career. "It was what I'd been doing since my teenage years," Guillemain explains.
Eric Guillemain
But Guillemain started taking his photography hobby more seriously after winning the Avant Guardian Contest for Surface magazine. "It came as a total surprise," says Eric, who had even explored the possibility of becoming an actor before settling into the photo industry.
Eric Guillemain
In spite of his musical background, fashion held a particular fascination for Guillemain. "My first pictures were digital Polaroids of models in their own clothes," he explains. "I wanted to understand who they were before performing on podiums or during fashion shoots. Who they were even before starting their career. So it was more about searching for the energy of fashion, what it is that is driving fashion." Here, an unusually vulnerable-looking Paz de la Huerta poses on a windowsill.
Eric Guillemain
Having flirted with a variety of artistic fields, Guillemain now believes that a kind of 'magic' connects different kinds of creative expression. "When you look at the world through the viewfinder, lot of what you see -- objects, people and the noise in between -- become magical and in tension. You cannot help but snap, saving as much as you can," he says. "Some people enter the magic by writing on a blank paper ... I think I am interested now in entering the magic without always requesting my viewfinder's help."
Eric Guillemain
For Guillemain, that means enjoying "the magic of common days" without feeling compelled to "chase it" with a snapshot. Of course, we hope he won't eschew too many of these moments, considering his amazing ability to capture candidly beautiful gestures with subtle nods to surrealism.
Eric Guillemain
We noticed that a kind of cheeky-ness seems to come through in Guillemain's more recent photos, like this ballerina-like young woman playing with her hair.
Eric Guillemain
While the photographer seems to have a real penchant for black and white, he's no slouch at delivering on color. Here, a young girl tolls a candy cart for the ASOS lookbook.
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