Pete Doherty Designs Jewelry for Hannah Martin

Babyshambles frontman and former Kate Moss beau, Pete Doherty, is best known for crooning vocals and the occasional bar drama, but we have to admit, the man has a sense of style—if a slightly disheveled one. You don't think Miss Moss would ever go for an unstylish escort, do you?

It still came as something of a surprise, though, when word got out that Pete would be designing a line of vintage-inspired jewelry with designer, Hannah Martin, whose mission statement reads (rather appropriately) "jewelry for the decadent and dissolute"—both of which have been used to describe Mr.Doherty himself. 

To his credit, however, the line looks quite promising: dubbed "Albion Trinketry," the collection offers necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and pendants in a sophisticated Art Deco aesthetic (think sharp starbursts and modern crosses). Perhaps Doherty should focus more on his talents in jewelry-making than in havoc-wreaking: the star is slated to appear in court later this week for another batch of charges.

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