This Weekend: Penfield Sample Sale


A heads up in case you were lucky enough to spend yesterday indoors: it got really, really cold outside.  With low temperatures in the mid 30's, subway platforms echoed with the sound of clattering teeth. 

Which is why we couldn't be more pleased to hear that Penfield, provider of cuddly down-filled winter coats, will be hosting a sample sale this weekend at the Reed Annex.  The flyer promises up to 70% off with prices starting at just $5 (for what exactly we're not sure--maybe a sock?). If the 70% discount is being applied to Penfield's signature outerwear, which normally retails between $250 and $300, then one could feasibly snag a new winter coat for just under $100.  If nothing else, it's a good opportunity to stock up on thermal gloves, hats, and scarves to get you through the brutal weather ahead.

The Reed Annex is in the Lower East Side at 151 Orchard between Grand and Broome.

Open Friday from 11am to 7pm, Saturday from noon to 7pm, and Sunday from noon to 6pm.

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