Patriotic (and Polish-Free) Nail Art for the 4th of July

Masako Sasaki of Dashing Diva helped us create a high-impact nail look for the Fourth of July that may outshine your local firework display.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
We can think of no better way to celebrate the Fourth than with a perfectly patriotic manicure. Luckily, Masako Sasaki of Dashing Diva knows a thing or two about creating nail art that makes a glitzy, all-American statement.
Catherine Blair Pfander
To keep it simple, Masako used Broadway Nails' "Impress" nail stickers to create a high-impact look that doesn't require hours in the salon.
Catherine Blair Pfander
If you're recreating the look at home, you'll want to stock up on these "Bling" appliques by Nail Bliss, which are available from NYC beauty stores like Ricky's as well as
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 1 - To start, shake the press-on nails from the container and begin sizing your fingers, checking each applique to find an exact fit. To tailor the fit further, use the rough end of a buffer to taper the sides until each fits snugly.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 2 - Once you have the nails sized, you can begin customizing your art work. For her "Fourth of July" nails, Masako started by cutting dainty silver stars from the "Bling" nail stickers.
Catheirne Blair Pfander
Step 3 - Using tweezers, carefully remove the backing from your sticker cut-outs and gently apply to the nails. Press with fingers to ensure that sticker is on securely.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 4 - For a more abstract motif, Masako cut sharp triangular shapes from the blue "Bling" stickers before applying to nails. Once securely in place, trim off any sticker excess with scissors.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 5 - Of course, no Independence Day mani would be complete without a flashy flag or two. To get the look, Masako starts by cutting thin strips from a mixed silver and gold "Bling" sticker palette.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 6 - Apply 2-3 stripes of the silver stickers onto the nail, depending on size and space. A small blue square to the top left of the nail creates the illusion of stars.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 7 Our favorite nails were decorated with tiny diamond-shaped sticker cut-outs, which Masako carefully pieced together into a bold starburst pattern.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 8 - The stickers make it easy to experiment with your nail design, so feel free to get a little funky with the shapes and patterns. Here, Masako uses slanting silver stripes with a tilted red square.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A look at Masako's finished Fourth of July nail art prior to application.
Catheirne Blair Pfander
Step 9 - Once the crafting process is over, the real nail magic happens. Carefully remove the plastic backing from each imPRESS nail before applying to fingers.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 10 - To ensure that each press-on nail lasts for up to a week, press hard with fingers for a tight seal.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The finished (and entirely polish-free) look may even outshine your local fireworks display. To make the look last even longer, be sure to seal the designs with a clear top coat.
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