Patricia Field: SATC2 Focuses More on Fashion Than Footwear


The woman behind the styling on "Sex and the City" recently revealed that the sequel focuses more on clothing: No surprise, considering SJP's Halston affiliations and Blahnik's slamming the franchise.

As Patricia Field told editors at a visitor to her studio on Wednesday, "In the first movie, it was about the studded belt and the gladiator sandals." The sequal, however, according to Field, "is more about the clothing and whatever shoe works."

Considering what a focus the first movie had on accessories, it's interesting that the sequel is making a stronger pitch for clothes. Everyone remembers the perfect blue satin Manolo Blahnik pumps, Dior gladiator stilettos, and of course that rather hideous Louis Vuitton "Motard Firebird" bag that Sarah Jessica Parker gave Jennifer Hudson in the first "Sex and the City" movie. It's not surprising, however, that dresses in particular are playing a larger role, considering that Parker is wearing several Halston Heritage pieces in the film (no coincidence: she was recently named president and chief creative officer of Halston).  It makes sense that, particularly in scenes where those dresses appear, the shoes and accessories would not pull focus.

Add to that the rather unfortunate slam that the former icon of the series -- Manolo Blahnik -- recently took against the series. As the designer told The Sunday Telegraph (via Popeater) back in September, "If people talk to me about Sex and the City, I get sick ... It becomes too much and I don't feel comfortable. I have never wanted to be a celebrity designer."

All that said, there is one accessory that is making its way from the movie to stores, courtesy of Patricia Field: a cute four-leaf clover charm necklace that's available at Payless for a mere $13. (The original Chahan Minassian-designed version, according to WWD, appears on Parker in the movie and costs about $20,000.)

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