Paris Loves Couture, Hates Veils Edition

AFP/Getty Images

- At the same time that Paris is in the thrall of couture fashion week, wherein designers create all manner of wild ensembles to the delight of the masses, a French parliamentary panel is recommending a ban on a different area of fashion: Muslim veils. According to one of the panel's members, a "limited ban" could come "before the end of the year." [MSNBC]

- Andre Leon Tally delivered quite the slap to the red carpet stars of the SAG awards yesterday, saying Paula Patton looked like she'd been "Blak Friday stampede shopping in a Jersey bridal warehouse," Marion Cotillard "looked like a Laduree coconut macaroon reject," and Drew Barrymore's gown was "mall-like." And we thought our "Um No" comments were harsh. []

- Tweets, posts, and rumors flew that American Apparel was pulling its newly-launched nail polish off shelves because the polish was toxic. Turns out, it's the bottles that are to blame, and American Apparel will offer an exchange of two new bottles or a $10 giftcard for those who bought the old polishes. [Jezebel]

- Who's the most excited about Wall Street bonuses? Retailers, that's who. Bring on the fancy watches and suits! [WWD]

- Swedish minimalist line Acne's first furniture line has been revealed, and -- wait for it -- it's sleek and minimalist. Not exactly inviting, but certainly stylish. [Grazia Daily]

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