Paper Denim & Cloth Relaunches as Affordable Line

Paper Denim & Cloth was one of the first gourmet denim brands in 1999, but fell off the radar once the craze spun out of control.  The newly repositioned label will relaunch as an affordable option in jeans -- read: jeans at around $100 a pop.

We haven't been this excited about accessible denim since we befriended the shopgirl at Marshall's who happily alerted us to Seven jeans shipments before they even hit the sales floor.  Paper's new model puts jeans at $100, and will also include $58 skirts. The line will be available exclusively online at the National Denim Company

Assuming the tailoring and materials haven't been compromised very much, this is an exciting new option in reasonably priced denim, considering the label was well-known for classic well-tailored, clean silhouettes.

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